The reason behind preferring products from one brand over another is the trust factor. If your business name has built credibility then people will value what you are offering and hence prefer to exchange their tough earned money for your product or service. What features make your brand superior and preferable among all? Today is the era of social networking, online selling and buying is so much trendy these days. It will be better to say that social media would be an amazing opening shot for most businesses to hit its target audience. It’s an ideal place where clients are allowed to share their point of views, feedback and any suggestions right away through their keyboards. Initially it takes some effort and time but once it makes its place it will save you a lot in future.

To help you out in creating a social media brand strategy from scratch, consider and follow these seven steps:

Step 1:     Select your social networking Site

According to your business needs and goals, select which one of social network site will go best for your business campaign, as you can’t have all so just look for ones that go parallel with your target audience, time and resources.

Step 2:     Make sure to complete your Profile

Make sure that your social media profile of your brand is completely filled and up-to-date with simple, user-friendly, visible avatars, cover photo and keywords, as it delivers your degree of professionalism and gives an impression of seriousness in brand strategy.

Step 3:     Research about your brand tone

Look for Do’s and Don’ts to successfully implement brand marketing campaign. You need to find ways to engage your target audience, look for other brands of same niche; how they are running their business with good social networking skills, also make vision of your brand very explicit that would help you in putting together everything in order.

Step 4:     Posting Strategy

Occasional and random postings will not yield results. Initiate by making a content calendar and do postings persistently, not just for a week and then disappear for a month. To get successful results, posting regular updates is a must, with proper frequency, quality of content and timing being the realistic factors.

Step 5:     Analyze and Test

This step determines the level of achievement, how much your brand is making progress with help of stats, clicks on liking and comments. There is no need to blindly posting and campaigning about business, rather than evaluate where your brand stands.

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