6 Fundamental Types of Branding You Can Use

Just as there are different branding techniques and strategies, there are also different uses for branding! Read this article and discover the 6 most common types of branding!

Building strong, stable, and lasting relationships with customers, business partners, and the communities in which your company resides seems to be the focus of many businesses, It is important to have a stable relationship with your customers, as well as, with your employees, if you want them to take your business seriously, to understand the purpose of your business, and to understand your brand message.

Just as there are different branding techniques and strategies, there are also different uses for branding. In this article, we are going to reveal the 6 most common types of branding you can use:


  • Corporate Branding – When you are using corporate branding you are making a promise of top-quality products and services, as well as, delivery to customers. The purpose of corporate branding is to attract new customers and potential clients and create loyalty and trust in your current or past customers. This type is not something new, as a matter of fact, it has been around for as long as the competition between businesses and brands has existed.
  • Cause Branding – This type attracts consumers by associating the business or the brand with a purpose or cause that potential consumers would find important to their personal needs, goals or values. We are talking about a percentage contribution of business sales to donations or charitable organizations to wildlife and nature preservation councils and etc.
  • Employer Branding – Focused on employees to understand the mission, vision, products, services, and goals of the business. This type of specially created to educate staff members in order for them to promote the corporate brand to their target audience. Even though employer branding may be essential and obligatory for competitive businesses, this type neither adjusts and employee’s values and goals with a company’s, not it helps in retaining employees as pointed out by the never ending efforts to lower turnover.
    • Co-Branding – Becoming closer with the consumer so you can understand his needs and requirements. For instance, banking facilities within grocery stores, mini-marts attached to gas stations, laundromats attached to family entertainment centers, and etc. This type of branding falls into the category known as one-stop shopping.
      • Culture Branding – This is another very popular method of branding! The branding to staff member may be a new idea to consider in declaring war against high employee turnover and sagging morale. This type of branding is making promises to staff members concerning their relationships with their managers and leaders and their working environment. In this situation, the promises are different from opportunities and guarantees in that they are offered free burdens other than using them through either employment agreement or purchase and use.

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      1. Spirit branding – This type is used when you are planning on hitting the consumer market by selling something with big slogans! In other words, you should spread a good feeling among your consumers and convince them they should use your product. When this type of branding is used, the world looks happier and brighter and things just go better when you start your day with a certain product bought from a certain business or brand!

Now that you are familiar with the different types of branding available, you can make a plan and choose the type that suits your business or brand the most! You can consult with your employees and hear their opinion as well. It is better to work as a team, right? For more information,  check this business encyclopedia! Good luck!

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